Elizabeth Dieleman is a mother, birth and death doula, illustrator, photographer, and aspiring biodynamic farmer. She practices qigong and promotes healthy living. Someday Liz wants to have a commune-style homestead; now seeking interested tribe members!


 Artemisia Vulgaris  is a high priestess in the scarlet order of the Triple Goddess. She is an herbalist, siren, and tantrika. She is not afraid of her own shadow. Artemisia invites you in for a cup of red wine and rapture.


The Reverend SISTER PILGRIM is a singer-songwriter and storyteller, referring to herself as a “post-modern bard”.  She studies folk tales, myth, and has been writing songs and documenting her life since pre-school.  As a spiritual mystic, Sister Pilgrim walks in the footsteps of St. Hildegard von Bingen, composing sacred music for healing and worship of the Divine. She holds a BS in English literature and is an ordained interfaith minister.


Clover Dee, PhwD (Witch-Doctor of Philosophy), is a ceremonial magician, occultist, and self-taught professor of religious studies. An avid alchemist, Dr.Dee is in search of the Philosopher’s Stone, his True Will, and the K&C with his HGA…though he is often distracted by cappuccinos, dark chocolate and used book stores.


Herm E. Zimmerman is a psychonaut, conspiracy theorist, and UFO chaser.  When not in outer space, he plays in a Bob Dylan cover band, brews beer, and is a member of an improvisational theatre troupe. Herm lives in Woodstock with his bulimic cat, Dexter.


If Andi Malcolm was an animal, he would be the coyote. Andi is an eco-adventure seeker. He’s into rock climbing, white-water canoeing, and wilderness guiding. He traveled to Peru in 2013 for a healing journey with sacred jungle medicine. As a phenomenologist, Andi seeks to be in tune with all beings & occurrences. he lives off the grid in a hand-made cob house and states that his entire life is one big vision quest.

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