The Great Work


This is not a “Feel-Good-Love-And-Light” bumper-sticker statement; nor am I quoting Gandhi to be trendy and spiritual; This is magic in action – doing (being) the Great Work. Be the Change in the Universe.


The following conceptual frameworks will be utilized:


Personal transformation of body, soul, and mind (the Below) = universal transformation of the earth, the cosmos, and humanity (the Above).

Understanding Mirror Theorem: 1) what we see is a reflection of ourselves; 2) the Minor is a holographic representation of the Major.

Hint: Your body and your spirit are of equal use and value in your transformation. Utilize both in alignment and in balance with each other.


Every word, thought, and action is an act of magick (because, whether you are doing so consciously/deliberately or not, we are causing change from the most subtle levels to the grossest). So if we’re all living in a magickal world – one of constant change – we might as well participate in it directly than be at the whims of others, or fumble around getting in our own ways.

In order to truly make changes with as little effort and mishap as possible, KNOW THYSELF. This includes all that goes on in the mind, the environment, and the physiological workings of the body.


Engage in creativity and imagination.

Allow for the freedom of making connections, theories, and reality conceptions that are meaningful, stimulating, and constructive, regardless of whether they are “true”, “real”, or “make sense” to anyone other than yourself.

This involves moving outside of linear thinking in time and space. This may also mean going a little “insane.” (Ask yourself what “sanity” is anyway…)


Realize that we are programmed by our environment.

With that understanding, choose to act consciously with or against that programming with the purpose of furthering and nurturing your own growth, wonderment, and beliefs.

*   *   *   *

Participating in the Great Work means being ok with not having all the answers (immediately). Even when we understand that A causes B through scientific and observational methods, we don’t know what makes A happen in the first place. (Actually, I do – it’s turtles all the way down. Now you know; go in peace.)

It’s a practice of working with what’s revealed in your immediate present combined with active imagination infused with intention and your own energy.

To linear, rational, organized, systematized, conventionalized, compartmentalized, and analyzed civilization, Mystery/the invisible is the enemy; its gates are guarded by the monsters of our greatest nightmares and the demons of  our most ignorant judgements.

Yet passage beyond these Beasts of the Threshold into the Chaotic Wilderness is a requirement. There we will gain the recognition that we are Nothing, but that our Nothingness is indeed quite a remarkable Something!

Paradoxes abound. Be confounded, but not afraid.

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